Preparation on to restructure transitional justice mechanism: Chairman Dahal
  • अनलाइनपाना संवाददाता
  • बिहिबार, फाल्गुन ३०, २०७५
  • काठमाडौँ

The government is making preparations for restructuring the transitional justice mechanisms- Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and Commission on Inquiry of Enforced Disappeared Persons- formed to ensure justice to the families of those who got martyrdom and made disappear in the conflict period.

Information about it was shared by Chairman of the ruling NCP, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ at a programme organized at central office of CPN Parisdanda, Kathmandu, on Thursday. The programme was organized to felicitate the families of the martyrs and the disappeared.

According to him, the understanding was made among Prime Minister KP Sharma and leader of the opposition parties to restructure both commissions.

“The commission will be restructured soon and a committee formed for the recommendations. We’ve discussed how we could conclude this process,” he said, arguing that the commissions to be formed after the restructuring will address most of the problems of the families of the martyrs and the disappeared.

According to the Chairman, various positive methods as ensuring compensation or reparation or providing jobs to one of the members of the victims’ families would be adopted. He assured that the problems relating to that of the martyrs and the disappeared ones would be solved by this very government of two-thirds majority.
As he said, even a discussion was underway to set up a memorial on martyrs and the disappeared persons. “As I am the commander of the people’s war and peace process, I can’t escape from the responsibility of fulfilling the martyr’s dream,” he reiterated.

He further claimed that everyone was univocal on contribution of the martyrs and disappeared persons to the country. Although those losing lives during the people’s war were declared martyrs in his first premiership, its implementation was not ensured because the decision was not published in the gazette.

On the occasion, NCP Standing Committee member Yogesh Bhattarai said all those losing lives in the people’s war need to be declared martyrs. The families of martyrs and disappeared ones were felicitated by Chairman Dahal on the occasion.